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Which is the Best Dog Food for German Shepherds?

What're the Ingredients to look for?

The 2 very important ingredients to look out for a German shepherd diet are proteins and fat. It is equally very important to emphasize why these ingredients should not come from just a typical ingredients. Their diet should come from excellent food sources.

 The ideal protein source must certanly be from whole meat sources such as beef, fish and poultry and other organ meats.  Other animal by-products like chicken do not provide enough protein as weighed against whole protein sources. With regards to healthy fat sources, look for foods that contains fish oil and vegetables to obtain omega 3 fatty acids.

 These food sources are necessary to help keep the dog's coat and skin look healthy.  Additional ingredients like sweet potatoes and carrots may also be beneficial to German shepherd.   Smaller levels of barley, oats, rice and other digestible carbohydrates can be given.


What about German shepherd Puppies?

German shepherd puppies also need the exact same consideration as for their dad and moms.  They grow fast so in addition they need good quality proteins.  As much as possible, avoid exposing them to common irritants and allergens.

 Look out for labels with chicken, bison and beef as the key ingredients.  Do not fed them foods with labels such as “by-products” as their initial offering.  Preferably, pick products with good reputation and no any history of recall-free pet dog food production. 

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